Waterwood News


 2 March 2007

 Well, it has been since the 24th of June last year since the last Newsletter was done and while it has been a long time in the making there is very good reason for it.  Not only was the real estate market pretty good last year but I have been working on earning my real estate broker’s license to better serve our clients.  I completed 600 hours of real estate courses over the last year to be eligible to take my broker’s exam. 


There has been a lot of activity in our market over the last year.  NRPI is still chugging away selling their lots here in Waterwood which has not only helped sell more lots but it has helped in the housing market as well.  Last year Palmer Real Estate closed 40 property sales (excluding the lots NRPI bought) for a total of $2.7 Million.  We co-brokered with 6 different real estate agents representing 5 different real estate companies to accomplish these sales.  Our web site had 1.3 Million Hits with 65,000 individual sessions recognized.  These numbers are fantastic for our area and I expect them to increase dramatically this year with the NRPI advertising running full steam.  Running an Internet Search, on any search engine, using terms like ‘Waterwood Real Estate’ or ‘Lake Livingston Real Estate’ will net Palmer Real Estate being either at or near the top of any search engine and that is where we need to be to effectively advertise Waterwood as a destination of choice.

This last year Waterwood lost some long time residents to various illnesses.  I wish I could have gotten these names out sooner but I simply have not had the time and I would like to remember these people now.


 Karen Oswald – Whispering Pines I resident and great supporter/contributor of the Newsletter

 Charles ‘Scott’ Randolph – Lake View Estates resident and former Marine

 Joe Thomas – Country Club Estates III resident


We also added several new residents to our area since the last Newsletter was sent out. 

Wayne and Wanda Miller – Bass Boat Village

Gary Hmaidan – Country Club Estates III

Cecil and Jackie Holt – Country Club Estates I

Chad and Jennifer Abram – Bass Boat Village

Steve Heidi – The Villas

Ricky and Jennifer Hatcher – Bay Hill

Jerry and Ruthie Waples – Country Club Estates I

Phil and Sue Vindett – Fairway One

Mary Jane Stubbs – Putter’s Point

Scott and Julie Cooley – Country Club Estates III

Kevin and Andrea Harper – Country Club Estates III

These are all new home owners in our area (hope I didn’t miss anyone) so if you see them out and about make sure to introduce yourself and welcome them to the neighborhood!  As the people who bought lots from us start building their homes we will introduce those to you as well.

Julie Jakubson (Country Club Estates I Resident) has summited Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain rise in the world!  She summited the 19,340 foot peak on the 20th of February at 6:01 am.  They stayed at the summit, on the glacier, for 30 minutes before heading back down to base camp.  Congratulations Julie!  We look forward to the stories and the pictures when you get ‘home’.

That is about all I have time for right now but I hope to be back on schedule with these Newsletters at this point.  Don’t forget to stop by the office for your Girl Scout Cookies!  (Barb Knudsen)  J


Kevin Cook  (Houston MLS)